Risk Leadership

Gain better insight and decisions through risk management.

BSI enable steering groups, project managers, and executive committees to use their potential to make better decisions through risk management. Through our experience-based approach your organization gain access to a knowledge-database of previous risks, which we have collected, systematized, and analyzed in a broad variation of change initiatives.

We work from international recognized risk management standards, supplemented by our own risk management tools, with a focus on your organization gaining greater value through risk management.

Our risk bank contains standardized risk collected from more than 100 projects, programs, and portfolios.


Risk profile
The risk profile shows the maturity of the organization, and is used to discuss risk willingness, therefore it is a cornerstone in risk management.

Risk analysis
Risk analysis identify potential threats and opportunities, so the steering group and board of directors have a foundation for proactive risk management.

Risk evaluation
Risk evaluation is a 360-degree evaluation, and consists of a professional risk evaluation with a plan of action to decrease the collective risks.

Reviews are used underway regarding major problems in attempt to identify solutions and strategic scopes of action.

Risk tool
Mitigator is risk tool for documentation, analysis, and mitigation risks, which support the steering group, executive committee, and board of directors in risk management.

Risk function
Establishment of a risk function helps big organizations with many it-projects, to practice uniformly, coherent, and professional risk management.

Risk seminar
We offer company customized training and education in risk management for project managers, risk managers, steering groups, boards of directors, and executive committees.

Management reports
We help organizations to establish management reports for steering groups, the executive board, and the board of directors in order to support better decisions and decision-making processes in digital leadership.


Black Swan Institute has developed and uses the risk tool Mitigator to support risk management of projects, programs, portfolios, business, and operations.

Mitigator risk tool allows you to:

  • Create and maintain a risk register
  • Support standard risk management processes (identification, assessment, planning, and implementation)
  • Make risk analyzes based on data in the risk register
  • Establish management reports for risk management in steering groups, executive boards, and board of directors
  • Transfer affected risks to the embedded issue register, and support issue management
  • Get inspiration for typical risks, from a built-in risk bank (with the option of building a risk bank with enterprise-adapted default risks)
  • Present risks and issues in the form of risk cards and issues cards
  • Conduct annual audit of risk management

The risk tool is based on the Risk Management Standard Management of Risks (M_o_R) and compliant with the requirements of ISO-31000: 2018.

Businesses can buy a license to use the tool on project, program, and/or portfolio level. A license provides rights of use for the risk tool, assistance for basic configuration of the tool for specific business needs, access to seminars, and networking with other users. The risk tool is run in Microsoft Excel (PC version).


Contact us here for more information about terms and prices.

If you want to test Mitigator for free in a light version on one project, please contact us here.


Risk Management seminars

Black Swan Institute organizes three annual seminars for you, who work with risk management on an IT / digitalization project. As part of the seminar you will receive a 1-year license for the Mitigator risk tool.

You are in a steering group or work as a project manager/risk manager. You must ensure that risk management is established and used. You want to establish or further develop your approach to risk management to create more value through a structured and systematic approach.

The seminar gives you an introduction to risk management focusing on the relationship between the project and the steering group. You gain insight into risk management according to international standards, and examples of best practices. You will learn to establish, optimize, and execute risk management, when the seminar is completed.

At the seminar you will receive introduction to risk management standards (ISO31000: 2018 / M_o_R / CPMI-IOSCO), training in techniques for establishing and analyzing a risk register, training in the use of the risk tool Mitigator, reviewing typical risk areas in IT / digitization projects, and methods of working with risk economy.

Read more about our seminars and date of next event here (in Danish).
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Since 2011 Black Swan Institute has risk managed big government it-projects and is now managing large organizations’ approach to projects and programs through expanding the knowledge of what drives risks and how a better control and management of the organization’s projects can be gained through risk management. Our experienced is based on risk evaluation of more than 100 projects, with budgets from 10 million DKK to 2.5 billion DKK.

The Institute is based on high professional integrity, and provides unbiased assessments on specific experiences and marketleading ISO-standard and the framework Management of Risk (M_o_R), which is best practice in the UK. Our risk advisors are certified in risk management from OGC in London. Black Swan Institute is “Affiliate Members” of The Institute of Risk Management (theirm.org) in UK, this way securing that our knowledge is internationally up-to-date.